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Private lessons

Lessons at your level

Of course I would like to help you learn Dutch.

I teach both beginners and advanced students.

During an intake interview we get to know each other and we will determine at which level you can start. Then we make an appointment about the lesson times.

We discuss how many lessons you are likely to need, at what level and for what. During the course we can always adjust the lessons if necessary.

The following components will be covered in the lessons:






Dutch culture

A private lesson costs € 65 per hour and € 90 per hour and a half.

If you want to take lessons with more people at the same time:

The costs for group lessons are between € 25 and € 35 per person per hour.

Until September it is unfortunately not possible to register for a new course.

If there is room again, this will be mentioned on the website. Keep an eye on the website!

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